Our Location Gallery

If you've got a brief, do get in touch in with Sara as we have fresh locations every week.
We always have some secret hidden gems not public on the website and if you can't find it we'll find it for you.
To view our comprehensive range of locations and properties across the UK, click below to browse our location gallery.


If you would like to sign up to our mailer for locations just ping an email to dataofficer@space-2.com
and we will add you to the list for existing plus new and exciting locations we have.

If the brief requires a platform, station entrance, or filming on a train we can help.
We have been chosen by Govia to partner with them in the delivery of filming services for their network.
Covering Seaford to Peterborough, click below to view our exclusive locations.


Register Your Location

SPACE-2 is always looking for new properties which have the potential to be used as a location for filming, photographic shoots, production offices, unit bases and events. If you own a house, apartment, commercial property or something that you believe has the potential to be a location then get in contact with Sara with a property description and a few sample images.

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