From one day to one year, from a pre-production team of five people to a full-scale feature film of over one hundred, we are uniquely placed to provide short-term, short notice production bases, offices & studios. Our dedicated UK team provide support to productions before, during & after filming, extending to the delivery of temporary studio space & longer-term space for media production & creative industries.

If you're currently a tenant at one of our production offices or workshops space
and have an issue please submit a report at the following link.

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An ability to service your location is increasingly becoming the critical part of a location / unit manager's role. SPACE-2 work hard to maintain as many practical unitbases, tech & crew car parking sites across the UK regions. From London to Liverpool & all the main production centres in between, if you are seeking a base, please contact us and we'll be happy discuss the best options we can offer for your project.

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From small room sets to large exterior set builds, we enable access to a wide range of options across the country. We aim to match floorspace & eave height for your project, ensuring that all the practical considerations of temporary build space are taken into consideration when recommending a space.


Whether you need office space during prep, production or post, from one to a hundred people, SPACE-2 can resource a range of production office opportunities. Providing options on a space only basis or as part of fully serviced model, we supply ICT & other services as required. Working with approved partners we guarantee a high level of service on a flexible basis, to suit the smallest TV project or largest feature.