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Increasingly, startups, incubators and accelerators around the world are clustering around leading-edge companies and institutions. By creating shared value, place-making has much to offer – it can play an important role in an integrated strategy designed to attract, retain and cultivate talent; to improve networking and communication flows between innovators; to make a memorable destination distinct, an ‘innovation district’.

Making innovation visible and public, SPACE-2 Consulting can help accomplish goals whilst averting, sharing, and externalising costs, to provide a greater return on investment than many conventional approaches.

SPACE-2 assist in the vision and creation of strategies. How do stakeholders within the district collaborate and make decisions? Where does the money come from? Who has the power to implement the plans and policies? To truly empower place-making as a strategy for accelerating innovation, districts must experiment with new models of Governance. It means planning proactively and accountably with workers, freelancers and other end users, fostering a common sense of vision for the environment’s future.

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