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Partner FAQ:

Q1       Isn’t it more hassle than it’s worth?

A:         Our job and USP is to remove the hassle and associated workload attached to the creative use of space. We handle these activities on behalf of our property partners/venue operators. Our business was set-up to specifically address the lack of resource property owners have in relation to generating non-core income. We have built a team and an infrastructure to enable us to support the objectives of maximising income and minimising costs.

Q2:      What sort of income could we expect?

A:        Of course, this is the most common question, the answer is complex. It depends on the scale and availability of the location, size, type of space available as well as the type and also on the budget of the specific production too. Our aim is to get the most lucrative and sustainable fees for our property partners – it’s in our interest too.

Q3:      Can you work with venues that have a short and ever-changing availability window?

A:         Yes. We recognise that venues will have gaps in their calendar and provided we are kept up to date with those bookings, all opportunities we introduce are considered and any pencils honoured we can still proactively market the opportunities to our client base.

Q4:      Does damage to property ever happen?

A:        We never say never but as we offer a fully managed service, our on-site coordinator’s job is to prevent any damage and to ensure that spaces are left as found or, where possible, improved upon. We’ll request floor and wall protection and oversee all activities to ensure protection of the premises, dependent on the individual production’s activity and RAMS (Risk Assessments and Method Statements). Realistically, occasional damage can occur but we conduct schedules of condition before activities and follow up reports afterwards, and will only sign off locations once we are happy the areas used have been fully reinstated.

Q5:      We wouldn’t want to do any contentious storylines or have shoots that show our company or property in a bad light. How can you avoid that?         

A:         We filter enquiries and always check script content and would liaise with you regarding this. Our contracts also prohibit productions from depicting the buildings by their actual names and locations.

Q6:      Do you require exclusivity as we can’t sign standard representation agreements?

A:        We do not believe that our model works without exclusivity of management (refer to attached questionnaire) but we are happy to work with preferred location agents and libraries, if we feel that we are not getting the right level of enquiries – by brand profile, type of activity or budget. However, we know that we have access to every location manager working in film & TV in the UK and an extensive photographic client base. We do not believe you’ll miss out on any significant enquiries once we are marketing the space to the industry. Ultimately, we focus on the quality of the enquiries not the quantity as we have proven this to be the right revenue maximising model.

If we do work with select location agency partners, we are happy to deal with their commission payment on an inclusive basis; i.e. we’ll negotiate this and pay out of our allocated commission for introducing the business in the same way that if an enquiry comes direct to you and you refer it. We will not charge you the 10% commission for introducing the business.

Ultimately, our priority is for there to be one point of contact for filming and related media production activity on the space – not only can we then filter to ensure the right enquiries are progressed but that we present a united and consistent service offering for the media production sector.

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