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Project Description

SPACE-2 work very closely with a government owned property company responsible for buying and developing sites for free schools in England.  SPACE-2 have been able to develop commercial opportunities at many locations within their portfolio.

As part our partnership with we provide full Health and Safety surveys, risk assessments, operating licences plus legal documentation, on site management during all filming operations. We have successfully placed over 50 activities across the portfolio including feature films, tv drama, period dramas, production offices, unit base parking and repeat business in many.

At all locations production companies can build sets and scenes for filming, such as the inside of a police station, cells, law court and offices. Our experienced location managers are onsite through the set-up, filming and strike processes will ensure that the integrity of the building isn’t compromised. We ensure, and with the property partners trust, that everything is returned exactly how it was prior to set-up.  This will often include re-decorating, re-laying floors, replacing ceilings and un-covering windows.

Project Details

Location: Multiple

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