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Find out just how easy it is to become a property partner (6-minute watch!)

In the video above, we cover 8 of our most frequently asked questions, however if you have a burning question and want to get straight to it – here are the time stamps below:

1) Who are SPACE-2, and why are you looking for property partnerships? (0:24)

2) Who are your clients, and what will the properties be used for? (1:02)

3) How can I be sure that my property is in safe hands? (1:34)

4) Isn’t it more hassle than it’s worth? (2:04)

5) Does damage to property ever happen? (2:38)

6) What sort of income could we expect (3:16)

7) Can you work with venues that have a short and everchanging availability window? (3:58)

8) Do you require exclusivity as we can’t sign standard representation agreements? (4:41)

If you have any further questions you’d like to ask, please email or call Mark directly at  or +44 (0) 7922 224 216 and he will be able to assist.

You can also connect on LinkedIn with Mark here, and Andrew here, and ask any questions you have via LinkedIn Messenger.

Click here to go back to our main website and find out more about what we do.

Here you can find our location library to get a good understanding of how your location could be used.

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