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SPACE-2 is an award-winning, creative property consultancy who specialise in sourcing, promoting and managing locations for use by a wide range of B2B clients.

Our focus is to commercialise short-term available property and we work with a wide range of property partners to deliver spaces for an ever-growing portfolio of clients. Our ‘property on demand’ business thrives on sustainable partnerships combined with our wealth of knowledge and experience.

SPACE-2’s unique proposition is in our joined-up approach to activity management. By representing our property partners’ best interests, we aim to ensure that the process of sourcing, promoting and managing the UK’s best locations is streamlined and that ‘best practice’ is implemented. As a result, our clients get the best location options for their projects within budget and on time.

We have become a trusted partner to property and productions alike – our ‘no-nonsense’ approach, creative understanding and detailed knowledge of the challenges of using commercial property on a short-term (1-365 day) and often short-notice basis, has been recognised by many people over the years and we’d be happy to provide references should you require them.

Ultimately, SPACE-2 is not a location library – we are a creative property business – set up to meet the challenges that fast-paced, constantly evolving, multi-media production and multi-channel business models require.

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