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SPACE-2 offer a full management service for the commercialisation of property for tv and film productions, whether your production is filming in an office or obscure darkened tunnel we have extensive knowledge to help productions run effortlessly and without interruption.

Location Management

We have been providing locations for tv and filming for over a decade, we really do pride ourselves on having the best location coordinators in the industry, we know what a difference it can make to have a person know the location inside and out, we work with the production crew to make sure they get the best out of the location being used.

Director’s recce

A director’s recce should allow time to take in all elements of a filming space. We know our locations well and are able to proactively liaise on everything which may influence your choice of location We consider all aspects of a location and how it is suitable, we take the time to understand the brief and the locations suitability such as interference from sound, lighting, security parking, access or other aspects of consideration.

Technical recce

Technical recces offer a view of all things technical that a production need to keep in mind. It allows the flagging of potential issues with shots, lighting, sound, onsite issues, available local amenities, It also allows a review of aspects which may be needed to install or transport with regard to tech equipment.

Admin made easy

The admin and workload involved in filming of any size is significant, from liaising with local authorities/councils/landlords, negotiating contracts and working with suppliers.

As part of our managed service to a production we ease the burden of this, by assisting you in a variety of ways:

  • provide a robust licence created with film, TV & events in mind, pre-vetted by the location
  • an ‘on demand’ library of images and experience to fulfil your location briefs
  • provide location specific Health & Safety advice and documentation
  • advise production on recce’s and planning with location specific filming knowledge
  • source suppliers on production’s behalf
  • mediate legal amendments
  • ensure prompt and clear accounting documents for your records
  • we’re first in and last out, ensuring access is available when you need it and you don’t need to worry about closing up
  • act a single point of contact across our locations, ensuring you’re always speaking to the right person to get things sorted

Liaising with a production

With SPACE-2 working as the middle between the property partner and client production negotiations and liaison is able to flow with ease. SPACE-2 are experts in working with all core stakeholders involved. We always act with great consideration, sensitivity, experience and professionalism.

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